Paris Hilton in NikiBiki Denim Leggings 06496_Paris_Hilton_2009_newark_airport_122_556lo.jpg

Okay so they may not actually be denim, but Ms. Hilton was spotted at Newark airport in a pair of NikiBiki denim printed leggings. Do you suppose this trend will catch on?

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  1. Wowsers, you have to be a skinny minnie to wear these suckers. Yes, they are a trend for fall ’09. my company is coming out with a pair of denim leggings!

  2. Hopefully not. Well it will probably look better on someone other than Paris Hilton. Not that Paris is ugly it is just that I don’t like her. I would not mind looking at Kim Kardashians ass in those is what I am trying to say.

  3. I am the designer of the legging that she put on.
    That actually is not printed but knitted with nylon, cotton and spandex.
    Denim shaped legging will be strong coming fall and winter season.

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