PRPS Autumn/Winter 2009 Men's Collection SHOT 02.jpg

I always love to receive the a new lookbook from Prps and this one does not disappoint. In fact it is so good I have had to split it into two separate posts – this one for the men’s collection and another one just for all the great women’s jeans. For the Autumn/Winter shoot they chose to use uber-cool beardy French DJ Claude Serieux. As always the collection features some fabulous authentic looking worn and torn jeans, however those of you out there who are still undecided about the return of double-denim may want to look away now as Prps take it one step further with triple-denim – jeans, shirt and jacket (see above).

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  1. I wear PRPS jeans and have 4 pair, but it is so hard to find new styles. Does anyone know where the jeans from this line will be available? I know that there are tons of different styles for men, but never see them in the stores or online. All of the online retailers carry one or two styles and the same goes for stores. Any suggestions to pick up the new styles as they come out would be appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I wish that PRPS had their own distribution through their website or through a catalogue. It would make it so much easier to get the new styles as they are released. Bluefly has a lot of styles and some of them are alright, but I imagine that they are mostly styles that are not selling well elsewhere.

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