RECO Jeans Eco-Friendly Denim + Lookbook RECO-jeans-LJ8.jpg

Reco® Jeans is a unique denim brand devoted to recycled jeans and to living green in today’s world. Not only does Reco® want their shoppers to look and feel great in the collection, but they also believe in the complete lifestyle encompassed by their mission: one that calls for a healthier, cleaner, and more dignified earth.

“Reco® is the only company to use an innovative new recycled fabric solely on all denim products,” says the company. The fabric is so unique, in fact, that it has been approved and certified to eliminate waste within the garment industry through its eco-friendly design.

Here is a recent set of looks from Reco®. As you can see, they offer something for everyone: men’s denim, women’s denim, classic styles and trendy silhouettes too. Check them out on the official website at to learn more.

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