If you haven’t heard of Rockstar Denim yet, I suspect you will soon see it on the backsides of many Hollywood stars. Reminiscent of a less expensive version of Balmain jeans, with the rocker chic look of Work Custom, both of whom I adore, these jeans are sure to be a hit with our denim loving readers. Check out some of their men’s and women’s styles below, all of which you can find at eModa.




  1. this is hideous….a really cheap version of balmain jeans….designers have no pride in their work now days…to copy a brand to such extent is not only embarrassing but should be illegal!!

  2. Rockstar or Balmain… Rockstar of course. I dont know if you had the chance to try Balmain.. But actually it more a nightmare thant a Chance. When I went to Balmain store in Paris, I really wanted to get at least one of those… But I got really desapointed !
    Seriously it s impossible to wear that for more than an hour !
    So its kind of expensive for what it really is. I ended up not buying balmain !
    So I got on internet to get one of these rockstar pair… And their are amazing. unlike Balmain, those seem just to be made for me… and even if the fit is skinney, they are so confortable to carry on.
    SO HELL YEAH I luv my Rockstar pants !

    ps: so sorry for my english… but you know how bad french people speak english !

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