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We’ve been thumbing through this fabulous book for a few weeks now, recommended to us by Indigo Slims‘ denim blog and it is still making us laugh! It’s not simple a denim book, but an anthology of fashion and beauty adverts from the 1970’s. However, denim was a pretty major feature of the fashions of the decade, so there are many great inspirations for fit and wash tucked amongst the adverts for Musk, and some truly genius photos and advertising copy. Almost the best thing about the book though is how it shows truly how little things change; premium denim was front and center in the 1970’s, and it was all about the fit then as it is now.

chic fit.jpg
jesus fit.jpg


  1. Does anyone know the brand name of the jeanss the girl is wearing in the t-shirtery add – the ones with no waist and exposed button fly?

  2. Hi, i want to buy this book, but i’m living in argentina; do you have this book on ebay? Tnks!

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