4 Stroke Jeans Nominated for Best Denim Award 4_stroke_LJ5.jpg

For the second straight year NYC-based new premium denim label 4 Stroke has been nominated for the Sportswear International Fashion Award in the “Best Denim” category. If you are loving this hot new brand, you can vote for them here.

Bursting onto the scene as an underground label with model and muse Theodora Richards, 4 Stroke has made waves since their inception in 2006. The label has amped up their offerings for this season with new 100% selvage denim, Japanese denim, recycled cottons and uniquely woven denim. And for those of you into green jeans, the company uses technologically advanced laundries which recycle and treat the water to remove impurities and ultimately return 90% back to the land. Check out more 4 Stroke jeans at Tobi.

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