Cheap Monday S/S 2010 Lookbook cheap_monday_ak3.jpg

If Cheap Monday’s Spring 2010 collection is any indication, designers will not be letting go of ripped & bleached denim any time soon. What’s great about it this time around (as opposed to the Abercrombie fad a decade ago) is the artsy and organic nature of the look. The appeal is less about showing off skin and more about creating a unique canvas out of the jeans. Suddenly a cluster of holes or patches or bleach becomes a its own design. No doubt this is a reaction to all the uniformly destroyed denim we’ve seen the lately. Instead, the new lookbook takes us back to the grunge years, styling the jeans with haphazard shirts tied at the waist, heavy motorcycle boots, and too-big denim jackets. So now the only question is, will you be taking scissors to your fave Current/Elliots?

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