I dare say the #1 reason most of us women buy designer jeans is because they answer the age old question, do they make my butt look good? If they are a great pair of designer jeans, the answer should be yes – why else would we be paying $300+ for them?! And leave it to Diesel to help customers see exactly how good their derriere looks in Diesel jeans, straight on! They have installed a 360° Magic Mirror in their newest store location in Madrid. Finally, a mirror that allows you to see the the front and back, as well as the left and right sides or garments when you look in the mirror. Why has no one thought of this before? Every dressing room around the world should have these! Now if only it made you 10 pounds lighter too…


  1. Your kidding right? Google “Hub clothing butt cam” 2007 Hub launched this concept at a Diesel sponsored grand opening party in Arizona.

  2. Google “Hub clothing butt cam” this idea was “borrowed” from Hub clothing in Az

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