Always creative, Diesel’s denim team has come up with a new collection called “Flash for Fun”. The collection features Diesel’s jeans, t-shirts, sneakers and even intimates in glow-in-the-dark fluorescents for the Fall-Winter 2009 season. The collection has been conceived for those who play hard day and night without taking the time to change in between. Instead, their clothes change for them, bringing a chameleon culture to fashion. The change happens via a special fluorescent coating, devised to be glaring under UV lights layered on denim and cotton. The Flash for Fun pieces are discreet during the day and only reveal their bright details and stitches at night. On denim, hidden graphics are revealed under black lights. For guys, an Oriental dragon reveals itself on back pockets, and for girls, disco balls or earphones appear.



  1. I am the first to admit I LOVE DIESEL but even I don’t know if I could pull off glow-in-the-dark denim!

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