You may recognize the name Frank Mechaly, who has designed such brands as 575 Denim and Blue Cult. Check out the interview below with this denim guru, who has just released his latest creation, Rockstar jeans. You can find Rockstar at EModa and Singer22.

1.) How did you start your company? And why did you decide to keep it in L.A. and not outsource anything out of the area/country?

My company came together after a lifetime of lessons learned in the industry and due to the passion of a group of individuals determined to keep pushing forward despite any hardship faced. We have had some immense successes in past and we know what works and what doesn’t. This has become our time to truly shine.

As to why we don’t outsource, it is because Los Angeles is the heart of our business–the rock-n-roll capital of the U.S–which is very much our inspiration. It was important to us to be in touch with the city and its pulse. We also did not choose to outsource because it is our mission to absolutely maintain the integrity of the brand.

As the President of the company, I consider myself a sort of “guardian of the temple” in that I am standing watch to insure that our deliveries are made on time, that we don’t cut any corners on the high quality workmanship and the formulas we use for washing. These important elements tend to get out of control when outsourcing.

2.) Is this a matter of principle to you? Would it be cheaper for you to outsource?

Absolutely it is a matter of principle to me. It would be much cheaper to outsource. But it is not cheaper in the long run if your business goes downhill because you aren’t shipping on time, or your product is inferior.


  1. Well I don’t know about the negative comment, but I love the Rockstar jeans I bought. I got the cool black ones with a waxy finish at!

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