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Scott Morrison – Evisu CEO Interview

Scott Morrison – Evisu CEO Interview

As you know we have reported in the past about Scott Morrison’s recent appointment as the new CEO of Evisu. So we thought it would be best to catch up with the man himself and see what he has to say about his recent appointment and his vision for Evisu in the future.

Q) With Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn you were involved from the beginning, whereas with Evisu you are taking over an existing company. What challenges do you think there will be working with an existing brand rather than starting from scratch?

A) Undoubtedly there are challenges within every organization, and taking on an existing concept has it’s pros and cons, there’s no doubt. Evisu is an amazing brand however, with 20 years of history and being the pioneer of men’s premium denim gives me a lot of positives to work with. There’s an iconic brand story, a heritage identity and one of the most recognizable logos in the world. On the flip side, one of the obvious challenges will be managing the expectations of our existing customer. We’re going to be evolving the brand concept and pushing Evisu in a new direction, which will be very exciting for most, but might leave some consumers on the sidelines.

Q) When Evisu first launched they were really the only men’s premium brand around (in the UK at least). Now many years later the competition has become fierce – could you describe what plans you have to get Evisu noticed in a very crowded marketplace.

A) I first found Evisu in the late 90’s when it had started to come into it’s own outside of Japan … and yes, it was the first real premium denim brand in my opinion (although Diesel and Replay were making pretty amazing jeans for years), and Evisu in many respects paved the way for people like myself to create brands like Paper Denim & Cloth or Earnest Sewn. When it comes to our approach for today’s market I maintain the same principles I’ve subscribed to since I started my first company in 1999; focus our efforts on product quality, innovation and brand integrity, everything else will speak for itself.


  1. Scott is a true pioneer. He has started two massive denim labels from scratch and now has taken over one of the most influential denim labels in the world. This interview is an awesome insight to where he will take the brand in the future. I think both purists and new fans of Evisu will be really impressed.

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