Everyday I browse the web for all new things relating to denim, when I stumbled upon a book called “The Denim Diet“. This I had to see! Someone who is as denim crazy as myself has actually written a book about how to fit into your favorite jeans. I don’t know about you, but I definitely have several pairs in my closet that are my “when I lose 5 more pounds” jeans. We asked author Kami Gray a few questions about her new book.

Liane: What inspired you to write a diet book about fitting into your favorite jeans?

Kami: I’m denim-obsessed, but I don’t like to obsess over what the bathroom scale says. Any number of things can cause a weight fluctuation in either direction, but your jeans? They will never lie. We all know good and well how our favorite pair of jeans should fit. So when I’ve been overdoing it, my jeans tell me loudly and clearly to rein it back in and I do…with my sixteen simple habits. And I do mean simple. I’m fairly lazy and trust me, if I can stay in the same size of jeans for 23 years and counting, anybody can!

Liane: What is the basic premise of the diet? Low carb, low fat, low cal?

Kami: I don’t do low anything…except maybe low maintenance. I eat real food and I’m not afraid of (good) fats and carbs. In fact, they are the secret to my success. I don’t have to worry about low-cal because the right fats and carbs combined with plenty of fruits and vegetables is so satiating and satisfying, I don’t think about eating too much. There are things I don’t eat and I mean NEVER. Those are processed foods, refined foods, and foods with high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet n’ Low, or Equal. That’s right! Those fake sugar substitutes can actually make you gain weight! I eat food that my Grandma could have eaten when she was my age – before all the food manufacturers took the food out of our food and replaced it with nasty, fat-making fillers!

Liane: Tell us about your favorite pair of jeans – details!

Kami: My favorite topic! This is ever-changing because there are so many hotter than hot jeans out there. Right now…I love Hudsons! They look the best on my backside. I’m not into spending hours at the gym and I hate those awful lunges! You know the ones that give you the perfect, shapely backside? A pair of flap-pocket Hudson jeans will do the same thing! Not that I don’t believe in exercise! I walk everywhere…often in my favorite bootcut Hudsons to my favorite wine bar! I’m also loving True Religions, Del Forte (eco-friendly and adorable!), and DL1961s…the 4-way stretch on that less pair mentioned — no muffin top! They are pure magic.

Liane: What got you so interested in denim?

Kami: Two things. The first is I live in Portland, Oregon. We’re a pretty casual bunch and jeans are welcome everywhere. You can go to the opera in jeans where I live! If you’re over-dressed here, people look at you funny. The second is I’m a TV Wardrobe Stylist! I shop for a living! It would be impossible for me not to love fashion and denim in particular is my love of fashion loves. What is not to love about your favorite pair of jeans fitting just perfectly? Good thing I know 16 simple habits to ensure my go-to pairs will always fit me!

I have to agree with Kami on the flap pocket Hudsons! They do give you a backside like no other, even sans the gym! And I like that Kami’s diet seems to be an everything in moderation, clean eating diet – can’t go wrong there. You can check out Kami’s book The Denim Diet on Amazon.