So we have our Denimology submission for word of the year! We started to see this hybrid of super tight jeans and leggings having a strong presence in the London stores in January this year, and noted with interest how the retailers were describing this new denim-ish item. TopShop began by calling them knitted jeans, Urban Outfitters went with the ‘pull on jean’, but came up with the jegging (do I need to point out it’s a combination of the word jean with the word legging?!) and we had a winner.

We’re pretty sure that London is the world center for the jegging trend, as we in the UK are suckers for a trend that is both fashion forward and not necessarily flattering to all! Just as the bootcut emerged from LA, so we can now proudly lay claim to the jegging. Certainly, it will be all over the stores across the world this Autumn, and after that, who knows how long it will stick around? The shape is practical and comfortable, and great with boots in winter but also lighter than skinny jeans in summer. Jeggins either come in denim-look knitted fabric – more like your classic legging – or a light and super-stretchy woven fabric which pretty much qualifies as real denim.

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  1. The jegging is super cool !! And Brazil has also entered the legging turns to jeans turns to legging obssession! Here you can find your own scadalously hot pair at RIACHUELO stores, located in 103 stores all over the country !! Don´t miss the chance to try this new IT peace on!!!

  2. Wore mine today. PERFECT when you want to have long jeans on but can’t deal with the thickness of regular denim when it’s 95 degrees out.

  3. Sorry, but I think they are very tacky and if you have any bit of fat around the knee area don’t wear them. This is flattering for people with skinny legs and that it in my oppinion! It also causes a shoe issue, you need to be sure the shoe your wearing doen’t look to long or clunky. Hate it I haven’t seen really anyone that I think looks cute in the style.

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