Whilst browsing around the True Religion Brand Jeans website yesterday, I stumbled on a new category – petites! I don’t really consider myself “petite” – I am 5’7″ – but still I am long waisted and have shorter legs, so I still have to hem most designer jeans. A 31″ inseam is perfect for me with flats or a low heel, so imagine my surprise when I saw a pair of True Religion Joey Jeans in a 31″ inseam! YES – this is a particularly difficult style of jeans to hem without screwing up the flared look of the jeans. For the rest of you not of supermodel stature – check out the new line of petites at True Religion!


  1. I think its such a good thing that designer denim is coming in a shorter leg!! Im 5’3″ tall and I have all my premium denim taken up! which is no big problem (as long as its done well) but I think designer denim is now filtering into the mainstream market a lot more and us mere mortals need to be catered for now, as we are not all of supermodel hight!! 🙂

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