The Ace Hotel chain has teamed up with legendary denim label Levis Strauss. Levi’s has taken over suite number 501 in their Palm Springs Ace hotel and swim club. Director of Levi’s engagement marketing, Sheri Timmons worked closely with Ace owner Alex Calderwood on the project.

“You know the comfortable feeling of putting on your favorite pair of 501’s? That’s what we were trying to re-create,” said Calderwood. He said the partnership came about because the denim company has achieved what he’s trying to do in the hospitality business. “There are only two brands that reflect the kind of authenticity we’re going for,” he said. “Levi’s and Converse.”

The hotel already appeals to many creative types at their four locations in Palm Springs; New York; Portland, Ore.; and Seattle and we are sure that this suite will attract more. You can actually catch a good nights sleep in the ACE that wont break the bank with rooms starting around $119 a night.

We will keep you posted on the Converse room….

Source: LA Times


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