Blue Gold: American Jeans - The Trailer bluegold.jpg

Here is the trailer for the forthcoming denim documentary Blue Gold: American Jeans which we told you about a month or two ago. No news on release date rate, if anyone knows anything about this could they let us know.

Here is an update to this story from the producer Theis Jessen:

We are still filming a lot all over the world, soon Turkey (ISKO – denim
mill) and then back to Japan. We have recently – and since the teaser was put together- included a whole lot more of interesting people from the jeans world – designers and brands, but also people from the music industry (we just met with Mark Ramone from “The Ramones”, the fashion world such as really interesting editors etc etc.

Here are some of the people/brands we have filmed – Jean Touitou – APC, Tommy Hilfiger, Seven jeans,
Mark Ramone (The Ramones), Daryl Hall (Hall and Oates), Models, Edun, Ralph Lauren, Cheap Monday, RRL, Calvin Klein, Jim Moore – GQ Magazine, Renzo -Diesel, The Gap, ISKO – denim mill, Andrew Olah – Olah/Kingpins, Levi’s, EVISU, Dao-Yi Chow, Sean John and Scott Morrison.

The film is going to amazing. We are getting tremendous feedback when we talk to people. Regarding the release date we don’t know yet as it depends on the post production, but we are planning on doing festivals and of course a theatrical release. We are working hard on getting investors/sponsors for the finishing funds as the post production for film is costly and we want it to look great.