FAT in Melbourne, Australia is a denim institute. The lovely people behind the stores scattered throughout Melbourne are Bianca Wiegard, Rachael Cotra, Sarah Hamilton and Kym Purtell. Their love for all things offbeat and intrinsically original in design had their beginnings in 1998. Carrying some of the best denim brands going around at the moment we were lucky enough to catch up with Bianca Wiegard to get a FAT insight into the world of denim.

1) Why do you think is it that after 200 years jeans are still one of the most popular items of clothing?
Because they’re always current. Jeans have a unique ability to evolve and inspire. We identify them with music, art and cultural movements which means everyone connects. Even today, there is something classic yet rebellious in jeans which means the youth are always re-inventing and developing they’re own connections, hence they are ageless, genderless, classless, and malleable to infinity.

2) Denim retail is a competitive business, how do you ensure that your shop stands apart from the rest?
We have a refined and unique offering. Together with our other fashion, home wares, and accessories labels we hold a very unique and individual brand mix that stands us apart.

3) What is the story, if any, behind the name FAT?
It’s a base line in music, Fat. Our first store was Fat 52 it had a great ring to it. As we grew we dropped the numbers and kept the Fat.