Heidi Montag and hubby Spencer Pratt shared the reality actress’ Playboy Magazine issue with any paparazzi that would stop, look and listen…. and take pictures of course! At least Heidi was lookin’ good for her (impromptu…. riiiiight) press conference in her Siwy Hannah Skinny Jeans in Snowstorm.

I don’t believe this for a second, but Heidi says her daddy doesn’t know that she’s this month’s Playboy cover girl. That could only be possible if he lived in the woods with no electricity. The new playmate said:

“I haven’t told my dad yet. I might not tell him … I’m very religious. I’m a big Christian girl. I kinda wanted to keep those values a little bit.”
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  1. That is so sad, he is walking around with a magazine that shows his wife naked? Lol talk about a pimp and latter they call themselves celebrities, you don’t see celebrities walking around with a magazine of their wives named trying to promote it. Lol

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