Who What Wear
recently did a piece on how to wear ripped skinnies that we had to share with you, since all our favorite celebs are constantly being spotted in them! We’re sure many of you have wondered, can I really wear this trend? Here’s WWW’s take on the matter:

“While each of our subjects wear their denim in a slightly different way, there are a few general style guidelines. Whether they opt for black denim or an indigo wash, our fashion plates make sure to pair their shredded jeans with equally edgy and low-key pieces: boyish blazers, leather biker jackets, or simple and slouchy tops. Additionally, they emphasize the devil-may-care attitude of these jeans by matching them with feisty footwear, such as a hefty pair of bondage heels or aggressive ankle boots. In short, if you want to create your own version of the look, just search for pieces that are edgy, androgynous, and tough enough to stand up to these rebelliously ripped jeans!”


  1. Rhianna Looks like a Walking pile of garbage in everything she does and wears. that is not Style thats a Pile of junk put together to look Fashionable LOL And Sad

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