Jason Denham has come along way since starting his career back in 1992 at the work shop of Joe Casley-Hayford. After setting up his own company Denham in Spring 2009, Jason is making massive inroads into the overcrowded market place of premium denim with major retailers in Holland, Germany and the UK quick to pick up the brand.

Denham’s moto, “the truth is in the detail” is very evident when you get a close up view of the collection. The jeans are a good balance of a commitment to progressive design against an equally obsessive respect for jeans craft and tradition, which is commonly forgotten about these days.

“Jason Denham’s single-minded obsession with denim is the primary inspiration for the brand. His conviction that deep knowledge comes with extensive research is central to the studio’s design approach. The Denham Garment Libary features an extensive collection of archetypal jean models as well as work wear, military clothing and travel gear from the last century up till today.”

Jason has been kind enough to take some time out to answer a few question about his brand and where it is headed in the future.


  1. I have to admit the Denham store in Amsterdam is beautiful, but come on, 400Euros for his top range jeans are a bit of a joke. I’m not sure they’re that special and the details are very simple. If you see this next to Blue Blood you can hardly disinuish the difference, its a shame he didn’t use the split to be able to show something completely different. If you do want a pair you can pick them up for 50% off on most UK store sites at the moment.

  2. I love my denham jeans I have a few pairs I they all feel and fit great yes they are pricey but they are quality I also own 6 pairs of blueblood which I brought a year or two ago when I brought my first pair they were also pricey but at the time there wasn’t anything on the Market quite like them but the fit and feel is not a patch on the comfort of my denhams especially my custom neo fit 5 year worn they are a must have. Like I said they are pricey and it would be nice to see them alittle more competitively priced as when they are dicounted in a big way when sales are on so if they are still making a profit sale prices I payed £88.00 for my neos and the were originally priced at £275.00 so maybe lose £100 off the rrp and I thick it would be a much fairer price and open the market up to many more jeansters like the gstar boys etc because I really hope denham doesn’t disappear like blueblood has off the uk Market due to price but as I said I do really love my denhams

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