Socialite, Peaches Geldof, bedecked in an acid/stone wash denim jacket and coochie cutters daisy dukes, appeared to have taken what few scraps of denim there were from the thrift store and make an outfit from it. Some poor biker with lots of bad eighties band hair is missing his favorite vest…. right….. now. Peaches, I think even daddy would be disappointed at this look. You need to take denim trend tips from Rihanna. She always seems to get it just right!

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  1. LOL @ the biker missing his vest, I can picture it now. And her torn tights too…omg. I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of Peaches outfits of late.

  2. Christ, once upon a time she did have some good outfits but honestly… what on earth was she thinking? Or not thinking, more to the point?!

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