Steve McQueen, born March 24, 1930, is a style icon. After interviewing a fair few menswear labels over the years when asked the question “who is your denim influence,” 90% of designers reply with “Steve McQueen.” There is no doubt the man is a legend not only for his movies but his style. An avid motorcycle and car racer, Mr. McQueen also lent his hand to inventing, having designed and patented one of the first car racing bucket seats.

We at Denimology thought we should bring you some images of this the man himself to both take inspiration from but also to give you a reference on how fashion is one big circle and all looks and styles get recycled in time only with a little bit more of a modern twist. Might encourage you to keep those 90’s torn stone washed jeans you threw out in 2000. How handy they would be now….