YNQ Denim

YNQ Denim ynq_jeans_LJ2.jpg

Tired of the ever increasing prices of designer denim, the founders of YNQ denim have made it their mission to launch a premium jean at an affordable price. Retailing from $58.00 to $78.00, you’ll find YNQ at select Macy’s stores. Focusing on fit and function while not losing sight of edgy details and comfort, their moto is “Worn, Torn and Adorned”.

  • blair

    wow this is ugly

  • Courtneyr

    Wow looks great! And affordable!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the two on the left! Where can i find these???

  • pat

    blair don’t know where you get your sense of style from but i think YNQ jeans are awesome.
    love the fit gives me a nice booty.
    Also I have a hard time finding jeans that are nice and long with YNQ i never have a problem.



  • Courtney

    These jeans are awesome! can’t wait to get a pair.

  • Kat

    I cant believe how affordable these are! They look like a $200 pair of jeans!

  • anonymous

    uh…whats ugly? i think they are pretty hot. look forward to seeing more from them.

  • Anonymous

    I love the black jean with the lace. So cute. Does any one know how much they cost and where to buy?

  • Rachel

    I think these jeans look so cool! Where can I get them!!!!! I love the unique look and for the price who needs designer jeans when you can have this! Blair. Really I would really love to see what’s in your closet. I’m sure it’s mostly glamour don’ts. Lmao!

  • Heather

    Hi. You can buy them at Macys for $68.

  • sonia

    Omggg..these jeans are so cute. I love the studs and the wash,
    I have a pair and i love the fit!

  • Melanie

    Woooow these jeans are awesome and they’re so cheeeeeap!!!! I’m signing out and running to Macys to get my pair right now.I also recently just saw a denim skirt from this YNQ brand on the whowhatwear website they’re everywhere!

  • Beatriz

    OMG!! BEST JEANS I’VE EVER SEEN!!! I don’t think destruction will ever go out of style. I’m so going to Macy’s to get them. Wow Blair, you really don’t have good taste for denim.

  • cjc

    Hi I just looked at Macy’s website couldn’t find them. Have you seen them in the stores.