For Acne SS10, the brand decided to toughen things up with specially commissioned silver pieces, with the idea of armor in mind. Husam El Odeh captured classic denim detailing and reinterpreted Acne’s trademark denim silhouettes. Acne also decided to decorate their garments with Swarovski elements – trademarked under the name CRYStALLiZEd™ – to serve as focal points. Sometimes just one on the shoulder or in other cases an entire crystal configuration placed on the hip. The crystals are placed on the clothing to highlight the acupuncture also known as pressure points of the body. The Swarovski crystals were used on many pieces of the ACNE collection, including jeans as well as dresses, knits, leather and jersey. Click here to see more from the new Acne collection.

“For me it was such an interesting development working with Husam. We interviewed him for about his illustrative work and when we wanted to start working with silver we stumbled across his silver pieces I loved meeting with him and discovering, in his garage in Hackney overlooking this amazing garden, the incredible ways you can transform things in silver.”

“SS10 for ACNE is a slightly mystical and spiritual collection, and for me Crystallized Swarovski Elements are like small pieces of the sky.” – Jonny Johansson on Husam El Odeh and the inspiration for SS10 and the collection pieces made with CRYStALLiZEd™- Swarovski Elements

Pictured below is Kylie Minogue with Acne’s Johnny Johansson and Katerina Jebb! Isn’t she adorable?! Love!