Sean “Diddy” Combs
and Cassie were spotted up and about walking together in New York City on Monday. It seems Diddy does not want to be pictured with Cassie…. *be forewarned, extreme sarcasm in .32 seconds…. he must hate her J Brand Torn Jeans or maybe she is just not hot enough to be photographed with his greatness… I can’t be sure which. Or maybe it’s none of the above and has something to do with how they say they are not a couple. The paps say, “When Diddy saw photographers he got upset and the two quickly split into different directions.”
What a pity. I think she is real pretty, Diddy. I guess it all comes down to the knitty, gritty.
(Yes, I am a full time denim diva and a sometimes (awful) poet 😉)

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  1. Talking abou Diddy’s greatness: he’s wearing tracksuit with some crocs! Cassie definitely has the lead on this one

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