One of my favorite brands Hellz (formerly Hellz Bellz) has put forth their Fall 2009 collection “Style Warriors” which draws on Aztec-inspired color palette meets urban chic. I love streetbrands that appeal to an edgier fashion taste and Hellz is at the top of my personal list. Los Angeles based Hellz is becoming the king of collaborations with their long standing work with Stussy now comes Mosley Tribe and the upcoming Hello Kitty collection. I had an opportunity to meet the Hellz team and they are as cool as their clothes. Lainie and Bam (the duo behind the brand) gave me some insight into their co-branding efforts.

“The collaboration between Stussy and Hellz was an easy and organic creative process. Being a fan of the line and growing up with the influence made it that much more gratifying. The designs came seamlessly and the end results reflect what the hard work and love that was inputed by both Stussy and Hellz. The Mosley Tribe collaboration was a gradual growth from streetwear projects to a more contemporary project. Plus they are friends of ours!” Lainie also spoke about Hello Kitty as only a street chic woman can, “This is by far is a great honor bestowed to Hellz. Since every girl, including myself has loved Hello Kitty and her fellow friends, I’ve taken the cutesy and innocence that has epitomized her and placed her in dark and unlikely scenarios. Hello Miss Kitty!”.

I also got to peek at the upcoming Spring collection and I’m counting the days until it comes out. Living in L.A. has many perks but our awesome denim brands definitely tops the list!


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