Kanye is fitted in Balmain jeans and is accompanied by sexy Amber Rose.

Warbler no, Rapper not quite right… yes here we go, Performer Douchy McDoucherton Kanye West and his slithering hot girlfriend, Amber Rose were spotted on the red carpet at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York City. Because he is a class act, Kanye wore Balmain Destroyed Biker Jeans and carried in his very own bottle of Hennessy. Then being the noble man he is, defended his dear friend Beyonce’s honor when she was disrespected by MTV. If he hates MTV so much, why does he keep going? *shoulder shrug*

Kanye West steals Taylor Swift’s microphone and acceptance limelight.

And because it is a stunning picture of Kanye, make sure to check out the first image from the gallery below!
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  1. Balmain or not, I don’t think Denimology should really give him the space on this blog. I’d delete this post and never publish another photo of him. This site is about trendsetting and there is nothing from him that we should borrow.

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