Gwen Stefani herself hit the runway as the designer of the L.A.M.B. line (stands for Love, Angel, Music, Baby if you are new) at Fashion Week yesterday. Her Spring/Summer collection featured lots of zippers, layers and lace, and even a little denim. We are loving the boyfriend jeans, and the shorts too! Gwen appeared in what we’ll call a “denim suede” jacket. Hey, if Alexander Wang can do “denim leather”, Gwen can do “denim suede”, or is it chambray? Either way, we like. And has anyone else noticed that the handbags in the line look an awful lot like her original L.A.M.B. for LeSportSac collection which sold out everywhere? Can’t wait to see them hit stores!

L.A.M.B. Spring/Summer 2010 Collection lamb_spring_summer_2010_fashion_week_LJ1.jpg

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