Miley Cyrus in Paige Denim Vest miley_cyrus_wonderland_staples_LJ5.jpg

Demi Lovato and Gwen Stefani have already turned to Paige Denim for customized denim for their summer tours. Now tween sensation Miley Cyrus has been spotted in Paige. Stylist to the stars, Simone Harouche worked with Paige to create looks for Miley’s “Wonderworld” Tour. One of the many pieces featured on Miley’s tour is Paige’s Vermont Vest in Caicos, shown here. Simone took the Vermont Vest and gave it a rock and roll makeover by customizing it with special bleach techniques as well as adding in some chains and studs.

Miley Cyrus in Paige Denim Vest miley_cyrus_wonderland_staples_LJ1.jpg

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