I never thought I’d hear this description of what inspired a designer, but new denim brand Natural Selection was inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution! From the raw unlaundered denim to the authentically treated pair, which might be over 100 years old, the notion that only the strongest will survive fits the brand’s keen desire to keep on evolving and achieve cult status in the market.

Design details include 14.5oz, red selvedge, narrow-width denim from Kurabo mills, Okayama Japan. Washes range from raw, through to bruised, broken and finally to buried, all are finished by hand. Priced between 140 GBP to 185 GBP, you’ll find the brand at Start, Selfridges and Coggles.



  1. Just picked a pair up on Saturday, the quality and feel of these jeans rival that of Prps in my opinion! Definitely superior when you factor in the cost – you can get two of these for one Prps. has the best photographs of the jeans from what I can see. Other photos I’ve seen make them look quite bland – a bit of a let down really

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