William-Rast-Jeans-Spring-Summer- 2010-JT-Womens-15.jpg

The jeans above want to come live on my ass!

During Fashion’s Night Out in the Saks bridal lounge, Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala presented their Spring/Summer 2010 William Rast line and explained that they would not show at Fashion Week this season due to the fact that this season’s collection aren’t the kind of clothes cut out for a catwalk. Not that that’s a bad thing. Timberlake says the models loved the collection. “If they were bullshitting us, they should all go into acting,” he said.

The William Rast Women’s Spring line carries a “sexy tomboy with a lot of class” feel with a slightly softer edge. Less studding and a lot of bondage lacing, less black and a lot more color. The patchwork jeans were replaced (thank god) with denim leggings, and there were plenty of the cropped leather jackets. Timberlake and Ayala are giving their customers exactly what they want. Here is the good new$: the entry-level price point is about 10 percent lower this season than last!

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