One of the cutest blogs out there, Daddy Likey put together this great guide on how to shop for jeans. In fact, we thought it was fab enough that it needed no tweaking! A compliment in itself! So with no further ado, here is Daddy Likey’s Jeans Shopping 101

• Plan ahead. For example, don’t schedule your shopping trip right after your dinner at the pasta buffet. Leave plenty of time to peruse the store. Pack a flask and rescue flares in case things get really bad.

• Know exactly what kind of jeans you’re shopping for and dress accordingly. If you’re looking for relaxed everyday jeans, wear casual shoes, shirt, and undergarments. If you’re searching for some trendier denim to wear with heels at night, then wear your stilettos and a clingy top to the store. Want a pair of skinny jeans to tuck into your boots? Wear your boots into the dressing room and tuck those suckers in.

• Keep a ballpark price in mind. And no, $20 – $200 is not a ballpark. Is this going to be a sale rack kind of day, or is this going to be the day you spend some (or all) of your savings on a pair of designer jeans?


  1. The same can be said for guys with some changes of course. I usually just go to the diesel denim gallery in soho, but i find that department stores are the best way to go

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