Kate Bosworth paid a visit to the Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills on Friday wearing a pair of shorts that looked crazily similar to these Alexander Wang Baggy Denim Shorts in Vintage Wash that people were wearing earlier this year. Now…. what do you suppose would happen if you bought those shorts a size or two smaller and cut them…. I think THIS would happen!! What are your opinions?! I gotta know!


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  1. I don’t think they are, they look really really similar though but the pocket shape on the front is slightly off, hers are more straight while the Alexander Wang ones go diagonally down. I can’t ID them either though πŸ™ Lol.

  2. Though they look extremely different, if you look at the pocket shape, it is different. The Alexander Wang shorts have an angled pocket…but they’re super similar!

  3. Yeah, I think it is crazy just how similar the rips look though, right?

    I did notice the shape of the pockets being different also.

    Thanks for replies! Weird how it’s so similar looking huh? Reminds me of Miley’s 4 stroke pockets!

  4. its no surprise that the rips look identical, brands are taking inspiration from designer goods all the time, remixing styles, and sometimes making it look better than the original πŸ™‚

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