Levi’s have released the second commercial from their current Go Forth campaign. Once again this ad uses a poem by Walt Whitman as the soundtrack to an intriguingly non-commercial looking advert which is alluding to youth and America. Being neither youthful nor American I am not the target market for this ad and the message goes a little over my head. But I certainly like the look of it and appreciate a company as old and corporate as Levi’s still trying something a little different. I would be interested to hear what other people make of this.


  1. Levi’s and Pioneers go together like bread and butter. The video however, was just a gimmicky wash. If I were to have made it, I would have shown young peeps actually doing something worthwhile in Levis: Building something, birthing someone, growing green stuff. Could have been more meaningful, but obviously they don’t want it to seem like they were interpreting the poem. Try again Levi. Still love you very much.

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