mardou & dean look book ss2010.jpg

The brand is called Mardou & Dean. The name is inspired by the novels written by Beatnik author Jack Kerouac. Mardou & Dean showed its first collection of denim for both men and women in the autumn of 2007. The line consisted of one model for men and one for women. There were in total a hundred pairs produced in a small town in Italy. Today the brand has expanded into more than ten models for women and an equal number for men. The jeans are still produced in the same little town in Italy as the first hundred, employing high quality denim throughout the line either from Italy or Japan. Enjoy these grand black and white look book images.

2mardou & dean look book ss2010.jpg
3mardou & dean look book ss2010.jpg
mardou & dean look book ss20101.jpg
mardou & dean look book ss20104.jpg


  1. I looked at the Cry Wolf website but they arent there and the brand isnt mentioned..Why so elusive?? Do you think there will be somewhere in the US soon?

  2. oh god! i love the pics! just went to their website, jeans look great! i didnt find them at the crywolf website either… someone who knows where to buy??

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