Nadel & Pen - Denim With A Message na2.jpg

Nadel & Pen is a new denim brand from Tilmann Wröbel (of Monsieur T) who has plenty of experience having been involved in creating collections for Quiksilver, Roxy and Lee Cooper. The name which is a combination of German And English (“Nadel” = “Needle” and “Pen” = “Pen”) gives an indication of where the label is coming from – each pair of jeans contains two messages which are printed on the inside (shown below right). One message tells about the history of denim and the other is a universal recommendation such as “do not wash”, which I assume refers to the jeans rather than they person wearing them. The first collection consisting of six styles available in three fabrics (stretch, rigid and vintage) and three washes (dirty, dark used, and washed) will be available in France from Jan 2010 and everywhere else shortly afterwards..

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