Joe's Jeans Visionaire in Meg

While browsing through Nordstrom’s denim section the other day with writer Jessie, we happened upon a rack of Joe’s Jeans. A huge fan of Joe’s myself, I had never seen the Visionaire cut, and curiously pulled a pair from the rack to try on. “High-waist bootcut” they read on the back tag. Interesting! I should preface this by describing my body type. I am 5’7″ – not tall but not short, and I have hips – boy do I have hips. Even at my skinniest (size 4, I miss you!) my hips jutted out from jeans and still made me feel that low-rise jeans looked like a muffin top on me. I love Frankie B.’s and Diesel Matics on other people, but on my hourglass figure they just don’t work.

As I pulled on the Joe’s Visionaires in the Nordstrom dressing room, alas, I thought, I have found my perfect rise! They were not exactly what I’d call high-rise jeans – they weren’t as high as my J Brand Doll jeans, and they weren’t too low either but they discreetly smoothed my hips, and thus any possible muffin top vanish. They are the perfect mid-rise without looking like mom jeans – I’m in love. And guess what?! The Visionaire also comes in a high waisted skinny if bootcut is not your style! They are a must-try!