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Shauna Sand in Tag Jeans

Shauna Sand in Tag Jeans

Former Playboy Playmate, Ex-wife of Lorenzo Lamas and the Empress of Lucite, Shauna Sand visits Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch with her beautiful dark haired daughters. Shauna wears Tag Jeans Basic Bootcut Jeans.

I bet you thought I was gonna talk about her sex tape right? Wrong Right! I am! Enhanced Vivid Entertainment acquired a hardcore sex tape featuring Shauna Sand and plan to release it October 19. Shauna does admit to making several sex tapes although she states she did not approve to release them. However, Vivid founder Steven Hirsch isn’t too worried claiming they legally obtained the tape from a third party. I wonder if the third party is her Miami boyfriend?!

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  1. How absolutely embarassing for her poor children. Seriously, not even close to sexy. she is at the pumpkin patch not the club. i am all for being a hot mom but this is beyond tacky.

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