Philippe Naouri, better known as the “Vintage Denim King” is the man behind new denim brand, Vintage1 that we’ve spotted so many celebrities in. He also co-founded Antik Denim. Recently Naouri spoke with, saying:

“When I left Antik I wanted to create a new brand. Four years ago I designed a motorcycle pant that nobody wanted. Last year I realized that it was the right time to re-introduce this style as there was a desire for something fresh and new.”

He was just a little ahead of his time is all. We are glad he re-released Vintage1 – the brand is a hit! You can check out more from Vintage1 here.


  1. these arent the same jeans?? these are Pratt’s old moto jeans not vintage 1. I got a pair of these recently and sent them back because they were totally different than the ones i thought cameron diaz was wearing. they didnt fit right and weren’tn the same. i returned them and said the celerbrity photos were a hoax.

  2. Not to be a stickler… but I know my fashion! I saw these jeans a long time ago in the magazines as Pratt’s. If they are the same, where are the light blue pairs the celebrities are wearing? Singer only has black ( with no zippers on the bottom – sorry, im detail oriented) I work in the industry as a personal shopper, so you can;t get much by me – but I hate when consumers get manipulated.: (

  3. hahaha, yeah, when pratts went out of business, homeboy just got a new business partner and renamed everything as vintage1. trust me, i know… i spent many a months working with pratts before the cookie crumbled.

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