WSJ & The Rise Of "Power" Jeans fortunesteve.jpg

Usually when the Wall Street Journal writes about denim it is to do with the financial results of one of the big brands. Yesterday however they felt that the time was right to offer their readers some style advice. In their article “The Relentless Rise of Power Jeans” they state that “power jeans are increasingly common in high-ranking business and political circles” where they are “worn to influential confabs where the wearers want to signal they’re serious–but not fussy–and innovative.” When even President Obama is wearing (some frankly horrendous) blue jeans (shown below) it seems that they are now acceptable in the most straight-laced of boardrooms. Who do we have to thank for all these normally suited and booted guys turning out in denim? None other than Steve Jobs of Apple (shown above) who has been rocking blue jeans and a rollneck jumper for years.


  1. Levi’s just got Mr. President modeling their jean~! But too bad, it just ugly red label with ugly, cheap, dry handed, fabric and terrible fit, look at the inseam, UNBELIEVABLE~!

    PR ppl from Levi’s, PLEASE~ Send Mr. President a pair of new Capital E~!!!!

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