J Brand The Babe 23

According to the DailyMail, two million people hold onto their favorite jeans for up to 40 years – despite the fact that they may never fit into them in that time! But its true – with a few pounds shed and a few decades, most styles do come back into fashion and “vintage” denim is the most sought-after. A survey of 1,000 visitors to the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex found the average pair of British jeans is six years old and women hang on to them for longer than men. Nearly half of all adults believe jeans will never go out of fashion. How could they?

3 out of every 10 women as compared to 12 percent of men keep old pairs of jeans in hopes that they will be able to squeeze back into them someday. I just dug through my closet and found at least 6 pairs that either I am hanging on to because they are my “when I lose 5 more pounds” jeans or because they will return to style again.