Check out the great new lookbook by Cohesive for their Winter 2009 line. The lookbook tells a great story about the brands aesthetic. They convey that any type of man, any race to young or old, can wear their jeans. Very well done.



  1. That guy is hott with the Turks shirt on. UMPH. The jeans are impressive. I’m releasing a men’s line of denim jeans and I also feel its ‘cohesive’ that every real man wear. a guy’s guy. That to me is important when it comes to men’s jeans.

  2. These jeans are so rad! They have freaking sattin polk a dot lining on all of the inside seams & the most detail of any pair of jeans I have ever seen…and I have seen a lot of jeans. The whole line is very impressive, my company just did a photo shoot for them.

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