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UPDATE! Our fab source at Fidelity just shot me these new images of a couple pairs of the new tie-dye line of jeans! The lime is simply amazing!! Fidelity Denim has named each of the vibrant, tie-dye skinnies these sweet and tasty sounding names: Cranberry, Lime, Plum, Charcoal, Berry, Peach and Fuschia.

Thank goodness for these new tie dye jeans from the Spring 2010 collection of Fidelity has me drooling and longing for more!! I need to see these jeans in person. Specifically the magenta & navy and the grey & navy ones!! the new Scoop Dark Destruct and Acid styles — mixing 80s with modern silhouette. I can’t tell you from personal experience as of yet, but word is these are super soft and look amazing in person, having no justice served in pictures. Well Fidelity you’ve wet my whistle! I can’t wait for these jeans to be at my fingertips!

Scoop Marble Cranberry.jpg
Scoop Marble Lime.jpg


  1. OMG – These are so FAB. Trotzuk is king….always setting the trends. Santa can you hear me?

  2. This is horrible, it will never sell at retail.

    As usual Trotzuk is lost and is trying to copy brands that are far superior.

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