Fashion is always influenced by the innovation seen on the street and no one has her hand on that pulse more than Leah McSweeney, the woman behind Married To The Mob. The Brooklyn based brand takes “tough girl chic” and makes it just soft enough to appeal to us all. With a wry sense of humor and an ability to market her brand incredibly well Leah has once again created sexy clothes for an urban (or country) girl with her Holiday Collection. The full line is filled with fun knits but her denim is sexy whether skinny or relaxed. I’ve been keeping my eye on this line for a few seasons now, watching Leah do her thing with capsule collections at Colette in Paris and t-shirts that empower with sayings I can’t write here. One of my favorites I look forward to bringing you her Spring/Summer 2010 collection soon!

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  1. Those two tone jeans are such a different idea! I like how it’s subtle, unlike other trends like tears and studs.

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