Nudie Jeans Dry Selvedge 2010 Collection JEANS_DRY_SELVAGE_nj_fast_freddy_dry_hemp_f.jpg

Nudie Jeans have been making making selvedge denim since 2001 and for their 2010 collection they have some interesting developments in store for thee of their most popular styles – Easy Emil, Average Joe and Fast Freddy. The Easy Emil will be made from dry cashmere selvedge which gives the fabric a soft and warm feeling and a unique lustre, the Average Joe will be made from organic cotton which is dyed in natural, vegetable Indian indigo and the Fast Freddy comes with a yarn in the warp that is dyed in 100% pure indigo and is a mix between cotton and Italian true hemp. Each of these three styles features silver rivets and buttons and will come in a crafted wooden box.

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