Rising Sun & Co. has been producing hand crafted jeans out the back of their shop for the past two years. Rising Sun has a big link back to vintage Americana styles with not one aspect in construction left untouched, whether it be the vintage machines or the turn of the century details on each pair of jeans. We have been lucky enough to catch up with the crew for a company profile.

Why does the world need Rising Sun Denim?

One of our goals is to show the immense quality that traditional American needle work can produce. Some of the heartbreakingly beautiful needle techniques we use have become obscure artifacts of a forgotten past, made unnecessary by more automated and efficient modern sewing machines.

What is the story behind the name?

We are inspired by the optimistic spirit America is founded on, symbolized by the rising sun. So long as the sun rises and we are provided daylight we can labor for our passion. The idea of using the rising sun to represent this optimism came from Benjamin Franklin who witnessed the signing of the United States of America’s Constitution. In speaking of the painting of a sun on the chair of the Convention President, George Washington, he had remarked often wondering if the sun was rising or setting and with what must have been profound conviction he was certain it was rising.