Update #2! Salma Hayek in Kasil Jeans salma-hayek-trouser-jeans-lg-23.jpg

Update #2! One of our commenters pointed out that I linked to a pair of jeans that did not look quite the same. The reasoning for this is that Kasil does not change the fit name of their jeans according to pocket style. But rightfully brought up, here is the image sent to me via Kasil. It’s called Kasil Democracy Trouser Jeans in Rinse wash. Check the image below.

Update! Salma is wearing Kasil Democracy Trouser Jeans!!

But what brand are they? This is the only clear shot of sexy slim-downed Salma Hayek wearing these perfectly fitting jeans. The pair of blues look similar to Hudson’s but they are not. Drop me a line if you can help decipher the brand of these wide legged trouser jeans.

--Kasil Democracy Trouser Jeans.jpg


  1. OMG!

    1) As you know, I LOVE trouser jeans.. (personally I think that I look good in them…)

    2) She is lookin’ smokin hot! WOWZA!

  2. You seem to be kidding me?!?

    If you look closely on the homepage you suggested, you’ll see, that the one Salma is wearing and the one on the tobi page are totally different. The frontpockets have another shape and the backpockets are different too. So how come you say this is the same pant?!?


  3. You are correct, those pockets are different. Kasil seems to not let the name of their cut dictate the fashion of their pockets on said cut. For the record I agree that they should not change the pockets up so much on 1 cut.

    The Correct name told to me via Kasil was Kasil Democracy in Rinse wash. It was not available for sale yet so I linked to that pair.

    All of the following are also called “Kasil Democracy Jeans”

    Kasil Democracy in Fiji

    Kasil Democracy Tribecca Trouser in Steel Rinse

    Kasil Jeans Democracy Fit-Emerson Atlantic Wash

    Kasil Jeans Democracy Fit – Sullivan Indigo Rinse Wash

    I am updating the post with the image sent from Kasil. Make sure you comment back. I LIVE for the comments people live here.

  4. O.K.

    I See…

    I’m sorry for that, but nice to see, that you read your comments and think about them!
    It was kind of confusing, that the picture lookes totaly different!

    I realy apollogy for that…!!!

    By the way…

    I have to thank you in a lot of ways.
    I’m currently writing my diploma about “Premium Denims” on the “German Fashion Institute” “LDT”. Your page is more than helpful for that!!!


  5. Hey no problem! I love the feedback.

    If I had looked at the image close enough, I probably would have linked to those jeans and picked one of the few that I put in the earlier comment. No offense taken.

    Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear more about what you are writing for your diploma!

  6. Hmm…My Diploma…It’s kinda problematic to translate all the pages from german to english…but 😀 The topic is, that premium denims are an underestimatet niche in Germany, because there is a market volume of around 112,5 billion Euros (by the way it’s 750 billion dollar in America), but nearly no shops. Then I wrote something about different labels and styles and Labels to watch in the premium-denim-sector and a comparison of the averag price in Germany and America (you lucky guys :-)) I’m lucky enough to work in a store with premium-denims over here in Germany, so I have the contact to a couple of the distributors and the chance to visit bread&butter and different fairs. If you know more, i can translate a couple of more infos. Just contact me via email d2kai-at-gmx.de

  7. They look like loomstates to me, I bought a pair about 3 years ago in American Rag LA. Think they were a trial at the time only a small run. Great jean.

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