We just got another tip about Audrina‘s jeans! Audrina purchased her Unknown Factory jeans at LA hotspot boutique ARCADE by Rochelle Gores. Audrina and her stylist Joey stopped into the boutique while they filmed Audrina’s new reality show and they fell in love with the jeans.

Update! Audrina is wearing Unknown Factory Studded Biker Jeans from their new line! Of course they are Unknown Factory Jeans! Duh! Unknown Factory is the next unknown celebrity “it” jean! I would love to see this sexy line on more sexy celeb derrieres! You can read our interview with these 2 amazing brothers here!

By the looks of things, Audrina must not be under contract with Divine Rights of Denim any more.

Anyone care to tell us what jeans Ms. Patridge is wearing? We don’t know yet. You can help by tipping me off. I am very curious who makes these original jeans.



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