Denim Icon Of 2009 - Rihanna rihanna-con-3.jpg

Our Denim Icon Of 2009 as chosen by the writers at Denimology is Rihanna. The photos here speak for themselves, if there was a denim trend worth writing about this year then you can guarantee that Rihanna was always right on top of it, whether that meant denim Balmain jackets with challenging shoulders or ripped J Brand jeans. Here are the thoughts of the Denimology writers on our much deserved winner:

“Rihanna. Had you any doubts? What brand or type of denim has she not worn? Rihanna has done custom jeans, haute couture denim, colored, ripped, zipped, bleached and torn; all the trendiest styles. Rihanna represents the year in denim whether wearing well-known commercial brands like Current/Elliott, Paige and Alexander Wang or edgier fashion-denim lines like Ever, Helmut Lang and MiH Jeans. I present to you your new Duchess of Denim, Rihanna. Ahem – Katie Holmes can you please pass the crown….. you’ve been dethroned darling.” – Jessie

“Rihanna’s style is constantly ahead of the curve. We knew early in the year that she would likely be our denim diva for 2009! She’s always stepping out on the town in cutting edge denim designs and rocks any look, whether dressed down or in something that looks like it belongs on a runway. That Charley 5.0 denim dress was one of her best looks.” – Liane

“Rihanna has gone through this past year with class, dignity and style. She has manifested a look which is truly her own whether she is wearing Rad Hourani jeans or J Brand denim, she owns her look. As a teenager, I respect her for being a strong woman and I am inspired by her endlessly changing style.” – Savannah

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