Johnny Depp In Denim johnny_depp_kate_moss_5.jpg

If you have ever wondered how best to accessorize your denim then could do worse that look to a younger Johnny Depp for advice. Back in the 1990s there were three things that he liked to combine with a classic pair of jeans – big black boots, a cigarette and an impossibly beautiful young supermodel.

Johnny Depp In Denim johnny_depp_kate_moss_3.jpg
Johnny Depp In Denim johnny_depp_kate_moss_2.jpg
Johnny Depp In Denim johnny_depp_kate_moss_4.jpg
Johnny Depp In Denim johnny_depp_kate_moss_6.jpg
Johnny Depp In Denim johnny_depp_kate_moss_7.jpg


  1. You forgot to mention that amazingly cool leather jacket, Andy! (And weren’t they the dream couple — they look amazingly right together.)

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